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Exclusive Interview for the Release of The Album by DJ Rosabel



What are some memorable moments from the DJ booth?

A couple of times of playing together, our timing using/layering 
elements over music has been a jaw dropper! Creating a memorable mashups on the fly 🙂

We like to ride things over grooves which we do live on many occasions.

We were shocked a few times how the audience responses to us being creative on the fly. Lots of unplanned moments became memorable.

What made you do the album now after so many years of doing?

The album has always been in the works. We just kept changing our minds about the tracks. Music has changed the last 8-10 years, and we’ve seen genres change and
become replaced. The other side of this, was us also loving so many of these genres.

We love house; vocal house, deep house, tribal house, soulful house, etc..

Plus all the tech house thats also been a staple lately. So making decisions on this LP was a little hard. We’re glad its finally out, and now the vinyl version will be released soon!

It’s an incredible album , What’s next?

We’re thinking of visiting a remix album, with some of the folks/producers we most admire, adding their wondrous talents to the package.  More on this much later as we’re starting to do a busy travel & tour season!

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