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Exclusive Interview with Junior Vasquez For Distrkt NYC Pride

Q: If you weren’t a world class DJ Producer, do you think you would you be as passionate and as successful in your previous profession? 

Junior Vasquez:  I went to FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC) in the early 1800’s to become a fashion designer. I believe that yes, I probably would have excelled in that industry since that was also a true passion of mine. 

Q: You set the bar pretty high in your career. Is it true you were the first DJ in history (the mid 1990s) to have earned $100,000 for a single performance? Can you tell us more about Juniorverse? 

Junior Vasquez: Yes, I set the bar for many DJ’s in so many ways.  I don’t recall earning $100,000 for a single performance but then again, it’s all a blur! I was living pretty well during the peak of my career and was blessed to be given that opportunity. Juniorverse was a magical time in NYC! 

I read in Mixmag that after the release of Junior Works CD on Eightball Records he was hired to play a 24 hour set in Japan. 

Q: What’s your most important live performance this year? 

Junior Vasquez: Distkt NYC Pride.  I’m honored to close out WorldPride weekend with an authentic New York underground music experience with Mother Juan, Princess, Kevin Aviance. 

Q: Do you have any studio projects we need to hear? 

Junior Vasquez: You’ll have to find the lock to my music vault if you want to hear those classic records, or come to Distrkt NYC Pride at Melrose Ballroom.

Q:Are there any artists you want to work with? 

Junior Vasquez: I would love to collaborate with Lizzo and I’d really love to work with Madonna once last time before we both retire. 

Thank you for the interview Junior !

Junior Vasquez: See you on the dancefloor at Distrkt NYC Pride! 

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