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Hi Paulo Happy Birthday!

You’ve been playing around the world for decades and have seen it all. 

What is it that keeps you coming back to NYC? 
New York is one of those places where you’re not only expected to entertain but you are to educate .  I always love coming back because I can play outside if the box there. 

Do you have a favorite NY moment you want to share?
There have been so many it’s hard to pinpoint a single one.  A few highlights though were my residencies in NYC- my nights at Peter Rauhofer’s “Work” parties, John Blair’s XL and Viva nights (with Darren Kawa on lights. More recently “Rhythm Nation” at Output in Brooklyn was spectacular.  My times at Roseland for Black Party were also some of my favorites .  I am sure my World  Pride event at the Javits Center will go down as one my favorites. 

Can you tell us how you got into the music business? I read some where that you were involved in a commercial dance duo with a hit record? Or were you a back up dancer? 

You’ve been doing your research  Actually I released two dance records in Europe when I was in college (as a singer in a duo).   I started DJing professionally on the side while going to school and getting my MBA.  A few years later the music took off, I started producing and remixing and things really took off.  

What do you think you’ll do when/if you ever decide to retire? 
I’ll always have my foot in music one way or another whether producing helping others or even possibly managing new talent. On the side I’m thinking maybe a dog rescue center.  I’ve always had a soft spot for our canine friends 

Thanks for the interview Paulo! 

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